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Perímene (PL/DE) is a Berlin-based Artist, thatuses methods of drag and conceptual art to perform water related queer rituals. Her goal is to reclaim slavic folklore – she uses structures and imagery from fairy tales to evoke a slavic water demon and embody her as a queer figure to rethink her own gender transition. Her practice is based on closing wounds in the fantasy. Frogs, water snakes and dragon flies are her best friends. Currently in the process of establishing House Paproci as its Mother.

1/1 Exhibition : A Dream Is But A Tear In The Sea Of Tendre

After having eviscerated and defeated sense through brute force and unimaginable power, you reach a plateau, and the spiteful calm that arises taunts you with promises of a peace you never asked for. “Could this mean I’ve reached the end of the journey?”, you wonder. But soon you realize the beast of turmoil lies dormant at the end of this path of roses..

1/2 Event : Castello Bizarro

On June 3, 2022, “Castello Bizarro” was a captivating event at Zemin Berlin, a part of Martin Lang’s exhibition. The performances featured talented FLINTA artists, including Satin de Compostela, Xenon x PLK, Rawse Tuner 777, Dana Hirsch, Job Job, and Perimene. The collective, Castello Bizarro, showcased a fusion of Polish and German creativity. The night was filled with mesmerizing spoken word poetry, electrifying music, dynamic visual art, and immersive performances. Each artist brought their unique style and vision to the stage, leaving the audience in awe. “Castello Bizarro” celebrated diversity, empowering FLINTA artists, and hosted a cross-cultural artistic exchange. The event showcased the limitless power of artistic expression to unite people. The audience was moved by the performances, creating a lasting impact. “A Dream is But a Tear in the Sea of Tendre” and “Castello Bizarro” emphasized the significance of providing a platform for underrepresented voices. The creative synergy between artists and the audience resonated long after the event.


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