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Noami Boima

Naomi Boima is an actionist artist, born an raised in Berlin, adept in painting,
performance, and sculpting, with a passionate focus on deconstructing power
structures through a Black feminist perspective. Engaged in anti-racist work, she
contributes to the audream library and collaborates with Black Art Action Berlin.
Naomi’s art serves as a potent platform to empower Black individuals and
challenge societal norms. Her work fearlessly confronts pain, aiming to provoke
thought and inspire change. Through her bold approach, she encourages
dialogue and strives for a more inclusive and just society. Naomi Boima’s artistic
journey is an unapologetic force for positive social impact.

1/1 Exhibition : African Art

Berlin’s African Art Week, held from June 3rd to June 9th, 2022, celebrated
creativity and cultural diversity. The event featured exhibitions by Lea
Abena, Naomi Boima, Sophie Meyer, and Zara R, showcasing their powerful
artistic expressions. In addition, jam sessions celebrated musicians with
African roots living in Berlin, uniting different cultures through music. The
week fostered understanding, appreciation, and inclusivity, leaving a
lasting impact on the city’s artistic landscape. African Art Week was a
testament to the universal language of art and the beauty of diversity in Berlin.


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