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Julie Brise

Juli Brise is a Berlin-based innovative performance artist known for her immersive explorations of the human mind. Diagnosed with ADHD two years ago, her upcoming performance titled “AD(H)S – All dromedaries hate champagne” delves into childhood behavioral disorders. The show invites audiences to understand Juli’s vibrant, chaotic, and dreamy inner life through visual installations, voice, dance, and music. Blurring reality and artistry, the space reflects her everyday experiences. Vulnerability meets strength as chaos begets art, bridging the gap between performer and audience. Juli’s candid storytelling dismantles barriers and inspires self-acceptance and healing. Her performances have garnered widespread acclaim, challenging conventions and transforming emotions. “AD(H)S” promises an unapologetic ode to the complexity of the human experience. With each creation, Juli pushes the boundaries of art’s capacity to move and inspire. Witnessing her raw journey becomes a mesmerizing experience. Through her art, she seeks greater understanding of the human spirit in all its brilliant manifestations.

1/1 Exhibition : Interface // Performance Artist

Diverse in medium, approach and subjects, INTERFACE in an eclectic group exhibition presented by 4 artists based in Berlin. Zemin Gallery serves as the focal point where the different works meet and interacts. The contemporary, religious and satyrical paintings of Camille Theodet clashes with the mystical and intimate paintings of Lucas Ngo, creating a confrontation in between dream and reality, exploring subjects such as the human body, the iconography, the memory, in two very different languages that, yet, can compliment each other. The new serie of screenprints “FACES OF THE STREET” of Jördis Hirsch, proposes a graphic depiction of people and animals in a reduced archaic style. In subtle humour and socially critical commentary, her works are set in bold shapes of paper cutouts and interacts with the poetic and detailed drawings of Julien Vallé, who shows interest in spirituality and meditation, and tries to fill the void with detailed and repetitive content. INTERFACE proposes four different point of view, that can converge towards the human, be it his body, his mind, his vices or his emotions.


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