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ANANI, based in Berlin, is a multidisciplinary artist drawing inspiration from her synesthesia, where sound stimulates her visual sense. Originally a dancer since the age of 10, she seamlessly fuses movement, emotions, and the study of human behavior into her visual art.

By combining dance and visual arts, ANANI forges a deep understanding of the human psyche within the context of society. Her art challenges perceptions and encourages introspection, delving into the intricacies of human nature merging with technology and societal changes. Passionate about sustainability, ANANI incorporates upcycled materials into her art, promoting
environmental consciousness. Moreover, her artistic journey is deeply connected to advocating for mental health awareness. ANANI’s expressive works explore the depths of the human soul, inviting viewers to resonate with the emotional layers she presents.
Her mission is to touch souls and inspire people to seek a profound understanding of the complexity of human experiences. Through multidisciplinary expression, ANANI’s art evokes contemplation on our collective journey, making us rethink our place in the ever-evolving world. Grounded in her commitment to interconnectedness, her work transcends boundaries, reaching the core of our existence. ANANI’s creative pursuits resonate with the human spirit, offering a powerful reflection of our shared humanity

1/1 Exhibition : Water Lanes [Solo]

The exhibition showcased 20 exquisite artworks, all crafted during the pandemic, reflecting ANANI’s profound introspection and emotional journey through turbulent times. Each piece held a story of resilience, hope, and the transformative power of art during challenging moments.
The event also featured a captivating dance performance in collaboration with the gifted musician, Tuesdifferente. Their synergistic performance conveyed the seamless flow of emotions and creativity, embracing the very essence of the exhibition’s theme.
An added delight was the release of ANANI’s book titled “Madness or Truth and Why Life is Scary,” a collection of poetry and illustrations that ventured deep into the depths of the human psyche, exploring the dichotomy of emotions and life’s enigmatic nature.
Moreover, the audience was treated to the screening of the short film “Decay,” a compelling cinematic venture directed by ANANI in collaboration with Xhemail Morina. This visual masterpiece intricately explored themes of growth, transformation, and the cycle of life.
As if that wasn’t enough, “WATER LANES” presented ANANI’s exclusive “Artwear” collection, featuring upcycled clothing pieces that beautifully merged artistic expression with sustainability, inspiring conscious and creative fashion choices. An integral part of the exhibition was the artist’s statement, inviting viewers to embrace fluidity and imagination. ANANI reminded us that when we connect with our inner body of water, we find harmony with nature, allowing our
desires and creativity to flow like a river. “WATER LANES” was more than an exhibition; it was a mesmerizing journey of self-discovery and appreciation for the beauty of art and nature’s interconnectedness. ANANI’s captivating creations stirred emotions, encouraged
reflection, and left a profound impact on all who experienced the exhibition’s depth and vision.


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