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Julia Lux

Julia Lux is a Berlin-based multimedia artist, performer and the curator of mojo studios.

My passion lies in exploring the abyss of the ‚inner space‘. The spectrum and the shape of feelings. I‘m highly driven and inspired by the world of mythology, Alchemy and symbolism. My mostly abstract and psychedelic collages, installations and sculptures are evolving all from dreams and visions – they are dreams. They can be interpreted as a dialogue between my personal dream with the collective. It is the quest for the archetypes inside of us.

My work tries to achieve not a separation of Matter but a maximum of an etheric, alchemistic mixing of a new whole. Metal as a receptively occurring medium in my work symbolise my seek for transcendence. It is it‘s unique capacity of reflecting the full light spectrum and that two pieces really become one is fascinating me. These „outer“ alchemistic principles can be always transferred to our inner transformation processes. It is Unification. Individuation. There is no light without darkness.

1/1 Exhibition : In Lightness Lies Beauty

“In Lightness Lies Beauty” by Julia Lux at ZEMIN Berlin, from September 30th to October 3rd, 2022, was an immersive exhibition exploring synesthetic stimulation, sensory integration, and the possible human experience. The space was adorned with metal installations and the captivating art of burning rituals, releasing different smells that engaged visitors’ senses profoundly. Julia Lux’s work urged reflection on our interconnectedness with our senses and experiences, questioning what it means to be human. The exhibition challenged the notion of closing down our senses due to overstimulation, reminding us that doing so might disconnect us from passion and life’s true connections. The interplay of light and darkness was explored, emphasizing the
beauty found in embracing both aspects of existence. “In Lightness Lies Beauty” left attendees with a renewed appreciation for the complexities of the human condition and the profound beauty found in life’s contrasts. The exhibition transcended traditional artistic displays, inviting visitors to connect with their senses and emotions. Julia Lux’s thoughtprovoking question about the possible human being resonated deeply with viewers, inspiring introspection on the essence of humanity. The sensory journey curated by the artist immersed attendees in an experience
that extended beyond conventional boundaries.


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