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Jonas Kindermann

Jonas Kindermann, a Berlin-based photographer, specializes in capturing lost
places, focusing on beautiful buildings and palaces across Europe, notably in
Italy, Portugal, and Germany. His work not only preserves the historical
significance of these locations but also supports monument protection efforts.

Nature and sustainability are essential themes in his art, as he portrays the
delicate balance between architecture and the encroaching natural world.
Jonas approaches his photography with a sense of responsibility, ensuring
minimal impact on surrounding ecosystems. Through his evocative images, he
sparks conversations about cultural heritage preservation. His work serves as
a poignant reminder of the impermanence of human endeavors and the need
to safeguard treasures of the past for future generations. Jonas Kindermann’s
art is a compelling exploration of forgotten places, advocating for their
preservation while celebrating the beauty of architecture intertwined with

1/1 Exhibition : Places In Decay

Many grandiose places — once inhabited and used by human beings — were left for decay a long time ago. These 30 photographs capture how nature is slowly bringing back life
and new meaning, while embracing the beauty and melancholy of everlasting change. These works show beautiful abandoned places mostly in Italy and Portugal but also in Germany, Montenegro and Spain.


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