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Mehmet Çevik

Art Historian Prof. Dr. Bahadır Gülmez describes Mehmet Çevik’s art in the following words: “In his life there are multiplied figures. Plural figures derived from themselves but referring each time to ‘other states of being’.

Mehmet is not an activist of sadness. He is not an activist of melancholy. In his works he constructs fragmented relationships, yet they contain moments of entertainment, imagination, masking, slow motion.” On the other hand, in reference to his own practice, Çevik says: “These are figures that I control, through whom I satisfy my pathetic human emotion and desire for power, and I want them to exist, to be visible. I perform my new paintings directly through the method of begin-and-apply, without preliminary sketch or design. No theme, story or narrative exists within the process of beginning nor during it. This reflex is a reduction of the priority to the action, the actuality and the actual.”

1/1 Exhibition : Near

“NEAR,” the debut exhibition at Zemin Berlin, showcased the remarkable works of Turkish artists and residents, marking their first appearance in the German capital. Centered around the theme of distance and human connection, the exhibition resonated deeply with visitors. Through diverse mediums, including paintings, sculptures, installations, and multimedia art, the artists explored the complexities of closeness and unity. Due to the challenges posed by COVID-19, “NEAR” took an innovative approach, becoming an online exhibition/screening event. Art enthusiasts could experience the artistry from the comfort of their homes, with live music sets streamed from Zemin Berlin. Despite the physical distance, the event called for a cross-cultural dialogue, bridging the gap between Berlin and Turkey. 

The exhibition’s success stimulated conversations and inspired a sense
of interconnectedness. It left a lasting impact on the artistic community, further solidifying Zemin Berlin’s position as a leading platform for international artistic dialogue and enriching the global cultural fabric.

1/2 Exhibition : Encounter

“ENCOUNTER,” our second exhibition, brokes down inter-human borders, creating a space for art and music to unify souls. By combining international artists with local talents from Berlin, we curated a diverse showcase for a possibility of a strong community formed by this very encounter. The artworks reflected a vibrant exchange of ideas and emotions, resonating with a broad audience. Beyond a simple exhibition, ENCOUNTER celebrated shared humanity and connections that transcended cultural boundaries. Through art and music, visitors embarked on a sensory journey, immersing themselves in a unifying experience.


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