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Sezayi Aydın

Sezayi Aydin, a successful figurative painter, shares his artistic journey with his sister Civan Aydin. Born on April 23, 1990, Sezayi’s childhood fascination with nature fueled his passion for art. Together, they discovered painting, met renowned artist Ressam Kasım Koçak, and honed their skills during a transformative three-year experience. Sezayi’s artistic style focuses on figurative realism, emphasizing form and content over color. Themes of resistance, loneliness, and decay permeate his thought-provoking works. Art, to Sezayi, is a vital means of self-expression, transcending boundaries of time and space. His studio, an open space for art enthusiasts and diverse artists, influences the dynamic atmosphere reflected in his paintings. Together, Sezayi and Civan published a book featuring their artwork and writings from esteemed authors. Sezayi advises young artists to explore diverse styles and not be confined by market demands. Their paintings are continuously showcased at the Arnavutköy Art Space, a place of constant inspiration for visitors. Sezayi Aydin’s artistic journey is an inspiring testament to his commitment to realism and profound expression. His figurative art captures the complexities of human experience with depth and sensitivity.

1/1 Exhibition : Encounter

“ENCOUNTER,” our second exhibition, brokes down inter-human borders, creating a space for art and music to unify souls. By combining international artists with local talents from Berlin, we curated a diverse showcase for a possibility of a strong community formed by this very encounter. The artworks reflected a vibrant exchange of ideas and emotions, resonating with a broad audience. Beyond a simple exhibition, ENCOUNTER celebrated shared humanity and connections that transcended cultural boundaries. Through art and music, visitors embarked on a sensory journey, immersing themselves in a unifying experience.


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