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Jose Rigoberto Rodriguez Camacho

“My work is born of chaos, moving the springs of subjectivity and intuition. Focusing as a central axis to the human being. Not as a representation of this. Reflecting, yes, its condition, unique and diverse at the same time. Within that perspective, I interpret the human, as the essence that identifies us. That is why the figure, whether the face, or the whole of it, is accompanied by itself. The self, the other, the neighbor, the us. Rigo (José Rigoberto Rodríguez Camacho) was born in Havana, Cuba in 1969. He graduated from San Alejandro Fine Arts Academy, Havana, Cuba in 1987 after graduating from the Escuela Elemental de Artes Plásticas 20 de Octubre in 1984. Rigo paints in a “Faux-Naïf” style or “Naive” style where he abandons traditional notions of beauty to deliver something perhaps grotesque. Through expressive brushstrokes and color, Rigo brings human emotion and the essence of being to the surface, fashioning from it the human form in ways often turbulent, but always honest. Rigo’s work focuses on the human form and the face as a recurring image. He paints obsessively, each one conjuring a different personality. Although somewhat abstracted, some of their gazes can be quite piercing. It’s as if you are looking at someone you know. His work has been included in both group and personal exhibitions in Cuba, Mexico, El Salvador, Italy, Canada and the United States and is part of private collections in Cuba, Ireland, Costa Rica, Mexico, France, the United States, Italy, Canada, Greece, Poland, Russia, Portugal and Germany.

1/1 Exhibition : Rigo [Solo]

On September 15, 2022, Zemin Berlin showcased the exhibition “RIGO” by Cuban artist José Rigoberto Rodríguez Camacho. His work was born from chaos, exploring subjectivity and intuition, with the human being as the central axis. Rodríguez Camacho’s art went beyond representation, reflecting the unique and diverse condition of humanity. The figure, whether a face or the entire being, symbolized the essence of human identity. The exhibition captured the interconnectedness of individuals, emphasizing the self, the other, the neighbor, and the collective “us.” Rodríguez Camacho’s profound exploration of the human spirit sparked introspection and contemplation in the audience. “RIGO” left a lasting impact on viewers, provoking thought and evoking emotions. Zemin Berlin’s platform provided the ideal setting for the powerful artistic expression to flourish. The exhibition celebrated humanity’s complexities and invited viewers to reflect on their place in the broader tapestry of existence. José Rigoberto Rodríguez Camacho’s art transcended the surface, touching the essence of what it means to be human. “RIGO” at Zemin Berlin showcased the profound power of art to connect and move beyond boundaries, leaving visitors with a deeper appreciation for the human experience.


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