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Selût is a multi-talented artist who creates music and visual illustrations under the names Selût and Cosmicnutz. Selût’s music can be described as experimental, with elements of ambient, acoustic, jazz, and world music blended with their strong solo vocals. Their first release, titled “Sahiden,” showcases their unique sound and has received critical acclaim. In addition to music, Selût also creates visual illustrations under the name Cosmicnutz. Their artwork is a combination of organic and digital elements, often featuring vibrant colors, complicated atmospheres and mysterious characters. Selût describes their musical performances as original soundtracks for their visual creations. Overall, Selût is a talented and innovative artist who continues to push boundaries in both music and visual art.

1/1 Exhibition : Cosmic Nuts

Zemin Berlin hosted “SEA YOUR VIEW” by artist Fred Vincent from May 4th to May 10th, 2022. As a fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, Vincent’s exhibition showcased his unique blend of painting, drawing, and writing, often intertwined through spontaneous doodling. Studying painting at the Arts University Bournemouth and Turps Banana art school honed Vincent’s artistic prowess. The exhibition offered a captivating display of his boundless creativity and innovative approach. Zemin Berlin’s platform provided the perfect space for Vincent’s art to shine, blurring the lines between mediums and pushing artistic boundaries. “SEA YOUR VIEW” left a lasting impression on visitors, celebrating artistic freedom and inspiring creative exploration. Vincent’s fusion of painting, drawing, and writing mesmerized the audience, inviting them into his visionary world. The exhibition was a celebration of spontaneity and uninhibited expression, leaving a profound impact on all who attended.


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