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Emin Turan

Emin Turan called his paintings “gravity geometry”; It builds on organic textures clad in squares formed by the movement of fluid paint on the canvas surface. These open-ended and chaotic textures, together with the images he evokes in his mind, become the beginning of the artist’s creativity game. Turan produces expressive, lyrical and figurative paintings by adopting a process-oriented and cyclical pictorial understanding. In his paintings, in which he mainly uses vivid colors and strong brush strokes, he examines the human-nature relationship with symbolic images. Saying that he looks into nature with his eyes in his paintings, Turan’s long trip to South America in 2014 deeply affects the conceptual infrastructure of his art.

1/1 Exhibition : Encounter

“ENCOUNTER,” our second exhibition, brokes down inter-human borders, creating a space for art and music to unify souls. By combining international artists with local talents from Berlin. We curated a diverse showcase for a possibility of a strong community formed by this very encounter. The artworks reflected a vibrant exchange of ideas and emotions, resonating with a broad audience. Beyond a simple exhibition, ENCOUNTER celebrated shared humanity and connections that transcended cultural boundaries. Through art and music, visitors embarked on a sensory journey, immersing themselves in a unifying experience.


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