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Civan Aydın

Civan Aydın is a Turkish artist with an impressive journey in the world of art.
She graduated top of her class in Painting from Istanbul Avni Akyol Anatolian Fine Arts High School and secured the first place at Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts,
Painting Department. She earned a High Honor degree from Mimar Sinan University and participated in the Erasmus Program, training in Prof. Karin Kneffel’s Studio in Munich, Germany. Civan Aydın completed her Master’s Degree Thesis at Mimar Sinan University and has exhibited her work in various group exhibitions both in Turkey and internationally. She has received awards and recognition for her artistic talent, and her art continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

1/1 Exhibition : Encounter

“ENCOUNTER,” our second exhibition, brokes down inter-human borders, creating a space for art and music to unify souls. By combining international artists with local talents from Berlin. We curated a diverse showcase for a possibility of a strong community formed by this very encounter. The artworks reflected a vibrant exchange of ideas and emotions, resonating with a broad audience. Beyond a simple exhibition, ENCOUNTER celebrated shared humanity and connections that transcended cultural boundaries. Through art and music, visitors embarked on a sensory journey, immersing themselves in a unifying experience.


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