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Alejandra Arevalo

Alejandra Arévalo Martínez is photographer and graphic designer from Bogotá, Colombia graduated in Visual Communication at the Bauhaus Universtät-Weimar and currently cursing MA Photographic Studies at the Fachhochschule Dortmund. In her documentary practice she has been focused on territory, gender and identity topics, which have allowed her to expand her vision of the current society.

1/1 Exhibition : Unbinding Histories

2022, a group of artists from different parts of the world gathered in Arles for a residency program led by renowned photographer Antoine d’Agata. They used photography and archival materials to explore the complex concept of identity and address pressing social issues. The result is an exquisite blend of voices, colors, and points of view that challenges us to reflect on, empathize with, and relate to the intricate fabric of our shared human experience. The artists in this exhibition come from a variety of countries and backgrounds, and their work celebrates multicultural identities and explores a wide range of socio-cultural and political issues, such as immigration, post-colonialism, gender, and freedom. The exhibition reflects on the difficulties of living between cultures and developing an identity within borders by inviting the viewers to reflect on their own experiences of isolation, loneliness, insecurity, and vulnerability, and encourages them to develop empathy and understanding across borders.


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