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Worthless Things

Apr 4, 2025 - May 5, 2025

Group Exhibition

-Burçak Konukman
– Joris Koptod Nioky
-Lee Meir
-Meir Brereton
– Ogan Mete Arzlamovich 
-Pawel Leszkowic
– Tomasz Kitlinski

“Worthless Things” explores the ways of healing in the face of artificial fears imposed by the competitive capitalist order. Perfectionism, inadequacy and self-doubt are the feelings that many academics, scientists, artists and creative professionals have to face at a certain point. The inner struggle of the individual with themself is determined by the system. It is silently and insidiously supported. The forms of violence called “academic shaming” / “student shaming” are systematically targeting many unprivileged individuals in academia, often manifesting through homophobia, misogyny and racism. Diversity and inclusion practices underline empathy, while the existence and politics of emotions are still among the least important areas in academic culture. Thus, dehumanizing approaches are also increasing.The Worthless Thing exhibition explores the spaces where the word “success” is defined and shaped. It reveals the inequalities created in the art industry by the primitive culture of competition, from which the definition of “success” comes, and displays a decolonizing attitude to the concept of “success”. What exactly happens when the creative potential is caught in the web of fear of inadequacy, while we are trying to overcome all this adventure in the competitive state imposed on us by the system? The exhibition deals with the nature of personal failures and Imposter Syndrome in macro and micro, political and psychological dimensions: as one of the “character erosion” tools of the capitalist system, as well as through psychological tension and fear. The exhibition puts forward a “new aesthetic” created by works that have been subjected to failure, and constitutes an example of decolonial resistance that emerges from it. Thus, it constitutes an area of research that focuses on the politics of the undesired art. In the exhibition, failure is considered as a rank that can save the soul and mind, which has become the subject of colonialism in this age. Systematically underappreciated are seen as the ones that reveal the decolonization of the mind. Assimilating failure is suggested as the weapon of creativity against non-occurance of artistic act and imposter syndrome promoted by the system and instutional rules. “Worthless Things” aims to create an atmosphere of solidarity by bringing together the undervalued, unfinished and/or rejected works of artsits and scholars trying to survive in a capitalist world.

Diren Demir

Diren Demir (Istanbul, 1997) is a Berlin-based interdisciplinary artist and independent curator. Demir’s work seeks transformative solutions to the challenges posed by patriarchal and authoritarian regimes. Demir’s installations and performances frequently deal with revelation and the body-power relationship as a site of conflict. Demir focuses on transformational activism, participatory practices and developing new models of resistance in their artworks. Demir’s work includes queer themes, using their own body to challenge stereotypical gender positions and de-gender memories of place and the city by referring to LGBTIQ+ history in their articles, seminars and workshops. In 2019, their compilation titled “A Night of June: A Biographical Analysis of the Stonewall Revolution” was published. In August 2022, their new poetry and illustration book “Hail to the Fallen” took its place in bookstores. Demir has curated more than 30 guerrilla exhibitions on streets and rural areas, putting the accessibility of art at the forefront, as well as in places such as Akbank Art and Gazhane Museum. Their works and projects were exhibited in many different countries such as Estonia, Turkey, Serbia, Netherlands, Germany, India…

Burçak Konukman

Born in Ankara, 1984. Works and lives in Germany since 2017. After graduating from Ankara Anatolian Fine Arts High School painting department, Burçak Konukman completed his undergraduate education in Anadolu University Arts and Crafts Education Programt. Konukman started in 2009, Istanbul Bilgi University Cultural Management Master’s program, in the 2015 Spring semester Konukman was an Erasmus exchange student at Hildesheim University, Cultural Science. Konukmane completed the Master’s program in Cultural Management in 2016. ın year 2022, Konukman recieved Gießener Kunstpries from Giennale III. Konukman is an artist known for his multi-disciplinary approaches and making site-specific interventions with live performances. Artist is working in interdsiciplinear mediums from visual arts, performance art, theatre, radio, podcast and music.

Joris Koptod Nioky

Joris Koptod Nioky is an avant-garde filmmaker from Amsterdam. His movies operate on the edge of documentary and fiction. Having worked as a musician, cultural organisor, a (failed) novelist, a photographer and as a dealer in midcentury modern design furniture, filmmaking now has his full attention. His first two feature films, Portrait of a failed writer (Portret van een mislukt schrijver) and This is not who I am (Dit ben ik niet) both premiered at the Dutch Filmfestival. His debut film found an international premiere at FIDBA, the largest documentary filmfestival of South America

Lee Méir

ist eine in Jerusalem geborene und in Berlin lebende freiberufliche Choreografin, Performerin und Kostümbildnerin. Ihre Arbeiten variieren von Solos bis zu kollektiven Formaten, immer basierend auf ihrem Verständnis von Kunst in erster Linie als Treffpunkt zwischen Ideen, Menschen und Handwerk. Ihre Arbeiten erforschen die Spannung(en) zwischen Sprache, Bewegung, Klang und Bedeutungsproduktion und werden international präsentiert. Sie ist Stipendiatin des Pina Bausch Fellowship 2019 in Kooperation mit L’Ecole des Sables im Senegal und schloss 2013 ihr Choreografiestudium am HZT – Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum für Tanz Berlin ab.

Marius Bereton

Marius Bereton is a distinguished scholar, educator, and curator known for his extensive academic qualifications spanning Natural Science, European Studies, German language, and music. He holds a Ph.D. in European Studies from The University of Wales, Cardiff, and serves as an Außerplanmäßige Professur (Adjunct Professor) at Universität Duisburg-Essen and an Honorary Professor at the Australian National University. Bereton directs the Critical Thinking Program at the Academy in Exile, curates exhibitions, and has a significant publication record. He has delivered keynotes and lectures worldwide, participated in media interviews, and organized conferences. Beyond academia, he actively engages in community service, volunteering with the Red Cross and participating in the Civil March for Aleppo, reflecting his commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Ogan Mete Yet Arzlanovich

I was born and raised in Istanbul. I’m from North Macedonia and Belgium. I’m 22 and Jewish. I study Photography at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Universty. I’m interested in multidisiplinary arts. Mostly experimental videos and print making that i create. I started to take photos when i was child. Cause it always helped me to define myself without any identity words. In my works i try to explain human rights, human body politics, identities and animal rights as a vegan artist. I’m working as tattoo artist and piercer in Istanbul.

Tomek Kitlinski and Pawel Leszkowicz

are partners in life and in artistic, academic, and activist projects as scholars, artivists and curators. They have participated in Poland’s first lesbian and gay visibility campaign “Let Them See Us” (SOLLEN SIE UNS DOCH SEHEN) and have written together a book Love and Democracy: Reflections on the Queer Question in Poland. Pawel Leszkowicz is an art and cultural historian, lecturer, and art curator who has authored an international queer exhibition Ars Homo Erotica at Warsaw’s National Museum. He specializes in contemporary art-visual culture and sexuality-LGBTQ+ studies. Pawel Leszkowicz as a curator and researcher was a Senior Fulbright Scholar at ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, USC in Los Angeles. He conducted research at the New School for Social Research and the Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London, and served as a Marie Curie Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence and Cultural Change at the University of Sussex. Leszkowicz has curated exhibitions Love and Democracy (2005 and 2006), Vogue (2009), Ars Homo Erotica (2010), Love is Love: Art as LGBTQ Activism from Britain to Belarus (2011) as well as co- curated with Tomek Kitlinski two shows War and Peace (2015) with a strong feminist and gay component and a public art festival Hospitality: Open City for Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives “Crossroads”, Lublin, Poland 2019. Leszkowicz and Kitlinski have co-curated queer symposia and exhibitions Healing War through Art (2014) and Civil Partnerships: Queer & Feminist Art & Activism (2012) at the University of Brighton. Leszkowicz’s books include Helen Chadwick: The Iconography of Subjectivity (2001), Love and Democracy: Reflections on the Queer Question in Poland (with Kitlinski, 2005), Art Pride: Gay Art from Poland (2010), and The Naked Man: The Male Nude in post-1945 Polish Art (2012). Tomek Kitlinski is an author, artivist,

performance artist, and academic who has conducted research under Hélène Cixous, Julia Kristeva, and

Poland’s pioneering scholar of Jewish, gender, and queer studies Maria Janion. Tomek has initiated pro- refugee, antifascist, feminist, and LGBTQ petitions and actions. As a student, he was involved in Poland’s oppositionist alternative theater movement; later he’s been active in performance art and independent film: Kitlinski has collaborated with such filmmakers as Helen Whitney, Daniel Foerste, and Piotr Brozek. He was a Fulbright scholar at the Transregional Center for Democratic Studies, New School for Social Research in New York and a Marie Curie fellow at the University of Brighton. His texts have been published in Art in America, The Advocate, Dos Jidysze Wort, Feminoteka, Index on Censorship, Osteuropa, and by New York University Press, Routledge, Université Paris VIII, Klincksieck, Harwood Academic Publishers, and Palgrave Macmillan; he has been cited in The New York Times. Kitlinski has given presentations at the Sorbonne, Charles University, Humboldt University, Kyiv’s Mohyla Academy, Tektura alternative collective, the world’s first LGBT synagogue Beth Chayim Chadashim in Los Angeles, and in a debate with Timothy Garton Ash at London’s Goethe Institut. Kitlinski and Leszkowicz co-directed a feminist, Jewish, LGBTQ+ 2011 Transeuropa Festival in Lublin, to which he invited refugees. Kitlinski served on the faculty and in a labor union at Maria Curie- Sklodowska University in Lublin; he led the 2009 protest against the layoffs of auxiliary personnel. Alongside other activists for Jewish life in Lublin, he was targeted by a neo-Nazi hate campaign and a far right politicians, reported by Amnesty International.
Since 2010 Kitlinski and Leszkowicz have been creating together sound and book installations related to the glocal state of LGBTQ+ rights and cultures.



Apr 4, 2025
May 5, 2025
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