Art Director


Zemin Berlin: We are here for community connectivity.

Zemin Berlin is a gallery within the popular arts district of Kreuzberg.

The space was founded in 2021 with the intention of bridging cities through art installations; connecting people and artists

from all cultures and walks of life as they come together in a singular creative environment.

Building bridges between cities

Setting the groundwork for a new voice in the discourse of disengagement within a modern society;

founder Halil Ibrahim Solmaz studied fine arts while working with a range of up and coming artists in Istanbul.

After moving to Berlin in 2016, Halil’s passion for art remained, as did his fondness for Istanbul’s art scene.

Zemin Berlin is the first manifestation of Halil’s wish to reimagine the vibrance of this community and in various cities across the globe,

Halil worked to bring his connective concept to life.

We believe in capturing changing conversations with artistic expression

The gallery prides itself on the essence of cooperation.

There is a fluid, evolving process at the heart of Zemin Berlin that we envision will see thousands of people leave their unique imprint on the location, allowing creative ideas to be redesigned and reimagined over time.

“we are an innovative gallery which focuses on the principals of equality and accessibility”

An art establishment focused on removing barriers of the emotional and geographical kind, Zemin Berlin looks to build a thriving community of both local and international artists, where creative thinking is allowed to flourish freely.

As well as promoting artworks within the gallery, we also host personal and group exhibitions, which helps us to further develop close relationships within the communities our locations inhabit.